HC Deb 08 April 1884 vol 287 cc33-4

asked Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, If he will cause the Records to be searched, to ascertain if any "drawback" was granted to holders of silver plate when the Duty thereon was repealed in 1758, after being many years in force; also, to ascertain if trade holders of gold and silver plate paid the additional Duties when these Duties were increased from 8s. to 16s. and then to 17s. per ounce on gold plate, and on silver plate from 6d. to 1s. then to 1s.3d. and finally to 1s. 6d.; and, if he will direct the official Return of Duties collected on plate to be separated in the Finance Accounts and in the Report of the Inland Revenue Board, so as to distinguish the Duties from gold separately from the Duties on silver plate?


, in reply, said, his right hon. Friend the Chancellor of the Exchequer had no objection to search the Records in respect to the first part of the Question; and with respect to the second part of the Question, he would consider the suggestion before the issue of the next Financial Account.