HC Deb 04 April 1884 vol 286 cc1644-5

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether his attention has been drawn to an application made against Mr. George Belton, Crown Solicitor, in the Land Judges Court, Dublin, on Saturday last, before Mr. Justice Ormsby, by counsel, on behalf of the receiver in the matter of the estate of the said George belton; whether it appeared that, in Juno last, Mr. Bolton being £200 in arrear of rent of land leased to him by the court (being part of his estate in the hands of the court for sale), the receiver applied for leave to proceed against him, but the court did not order proceedings, as Mr. Bolton undertook to give, within a week, his promissory note for £200, payable in three months.; whether this promissory note, due in September last, has never since been paid; whether the court, in June, re-let the grazing land to Mr. Bolton, upon his covenant to pay the first moiety of the rent on the 1st November last, but, as he failed to pay, proceedings were ordered, and judgments issued, in January last, with the result that the Sheriff of Dublin has only been able to recover a small portion of the debt, and it has been found that Mr. Bolton is also in debt for rent to the landlord of the house in which he lives; whether it was stated in court that the land in question was let to Mr. Bolton at a great deal less than the value, that he had made considerable profit out of it, and that he is in receipt of £1,200 a-year, as the holder of two public appointments; whether Mr. Bolton neither appeared himself in court, on Saturday last, nor caused anyone to appear on his behalf; whether, in respect of a second judgment against Mr. Bolton, lodged by order of the court with the Sheriff of the city of Dublin, that official has reported that he has not been able to levy anything whatever; whether Mr. Bolton, some years ago, was condemned by Mr. Justice Fry for having drawn up a marriage settlement defrauding his own wife; and, whether he will be any longer retained in the public service?


It is a fact that the application mentioned took place. Mr. Bolton states he did not appear, because no notice or application was served on him. From his statement it appears that he has fallen into embarrassment, as the result of the purchase of landed property, and that he has applied half of his salaries, the amount of which were not as considerable as the hon. Member stated. Mr. Bolton has been cautioned that he must come to an arrangement with his creditors; but the Government do not consider the case is one for removal. As to the second charge, it was considered by the late Government nearly five years ago, and it was then decided that the circumstances of the case did not warrant his dismissal.