HC Deb 01 April 1884 vol 286 cc1270-1

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether there is any provision in the Law by virtue of which the Reverend Thomas Heany, Rector of Calry, county Sligo, is entitled to serve on the Emigration Committee of the Sligo Board of Guardians, taking part in their deliberations and acting as if a legally elected guardian? In putting this Question I would also ask whether the Rev. Mr. Heany is one of the persons who, as chaplain of Orange Lodges, signed a circular calling on the landlords of the country to give all vacant farms and situations to Protestants?


And is this the rev. gentleman who denied that he ever did any such thing?


He never denied.


Sir, I think the hon. Gentleman should give Notice of that Question. The emigration from the Sligo Union is conducted by the Board of Guardians, who are responsible for all proceedings in relation to it. It appears that a Committee, consisting of a number of gentlemen, were appointed by the Board to take charge of the matter, and the Rev. Mr. Heany was one of them. Although there is no specific legal authority for the formation of such a Committee, the Local Government Board do not consider that they can object to the Guardians utilizing the information and help which such a body can afford.


I beg to give Notice that I will ask the right hon. Gentleman on a future day whether he considers that a rev. gentleman who signed the circular referred to is a fit man to conduct the emigration of Catholics; and, in reference to the remark of the right hon. Gentleman, I beg to say that I did put the inquiry on the Question Paper; but for some reason beyond my comprehension it was struck out by the Clerk at the Table.