HC Deb 28 May 1883 vol 279 cc939-40

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether he has heard that Mr. Wylie, a legal Sub-Commissioner under the Land Act, intends to stand at the next Election for an Ulster County, in which he was recently employed in the judicial reduction of rents; and, whether he will at once ascertain the accuracy of this report, and take steps to prevent or discourage such a grave judicial scandal?


Sir, I have in my hand a copy of a letter written by Mr. Wylie to Mr. Commissioner Litton, in which he denies in the most absolute and emphatic terms that there is or ever was any foundation whatever for the rumour referred to in this Question. He expresses himself warmly at it being supposed that he would be capable of making use of his judicial position to further such an object. The noble Lord the Member for Liverpool (Lord Claud Hamilton) and the hon. and gallant Member for the County of Dublin (Colonel King-Harman) will probably think this a sufficient answer to the Questions on the same subject which stand on the Paper in their names. I think it is only fair to Mr. Wylie to add that this disavowal was quite spontaneous on his part, and was received from him several days before Notice of these Questions was given; but, as the report appeared in the newspapers, no one can wonder at the Question having been put.


said, that, though the answer was satisfactory, he bogged to give Notice that in Committee on the Corrupt Practices Bill he should move a provision to make such a thing as that referred to in the Question impossible.