HC Deb 25 May 1883 vol 279 cc929-30

in rising to move the following Resolution: — That, in the opinion of this House, it is desirable, in view of the state of Ireland, that measures be taken to utilise her abundant, but dormant, natural resources, by—1st, Re-afforesting suitable tracts of her waste lands, and planting the great watersheds, in order to supply shelter and timber, and to control mountain floods, which are progressively denuding the soil, silting up primary and arterial drainage, with consequent deterioration of tillage and pasture lands, shoaling of navigable rivers, and banishment of fish further and further seaward, and by general reclamation of waste lands; 2nd, by fully developing the sea-coast and inland fisheries, with all requisite improvements in engines of capture, and piers and harbours of refuge, in order to the better food supply of the people, and the extension of the commerce in fish; 3rd, by the extension of lines of internal communication by water and land, by steam or horse power, and the construction of new routes for traffic, where necessary, by the development of the fuel resources of Ireland, and the extension of industries in mines, minerals, and agriculture: That, in the opinion of this House, means may be safely devised for the utilisation of part of the capital of thirty-two millions sterling, now lying comparatively idle in Ireland, for the development of her resources, by the issue of stock notes under the guarantee of the Irish or Imperial Revenues, and under the management of a Department of Productive Works, having the full confidence of the Country, said, this was not the first occasion on which he had called the attention of the House to this subject. He had done so previously; and when in Ireland last October he brought the matter forward, it excited general attention and consideration in all quarters.

Notice taken, that 40 Members were not present; House counted, and 40 Members not being present,

The House was adjourned at a quarter before Nine o'clock without Question first put till Monday next.