HC Deb 03 May 1883 vol 278 c1723

asked the First Lord of the Treasury, If he is aware that the President of the English Local Government Board has recently undertaken to empower boards of guardians to dismiss officers of whose conduct they disapprove; is he aware that in Ireland boards of guardians have no such power; is he aware that his Government have at present a Bill before the House which proposes that boards of guardians should be compelled to give pensions to their officers whether or not such guardians considered the officers entitled to pensions; and, whether, under the circumstances, he will withdraw said Bill, and, as far as possible, give same power to boards of guardians in Ireland as English guardians of the poor are to have?


said, that the hon. Member for Leeds (Mr. Herbert Gladstone), who had charge of the Bill referred to, might be trusted to see that no undue interference by the central authority with local authorities would be inserted. If the hon. Member for Leeds erred in the direction of giving the central authority too much power, it would be somewhat remarkable.