HC Deb 03 May 1883 vol 278 c1708

asked the Postmaster General, Whether, when he is considering the practicability of accelerating the Scotch Night Mail Service as promised on Friday last, he will also examine if it would not be possible in connection with said service to accelerate the mail to Belfast and the North of Ireland via Carlisle, Stranraer, and Larne, the sea passage by that route being much shorter than any other?


So far as I have been able to form an opinion, I do not think any general acceleration of the mails to Belfast and the North of Ireland, by the route indicated by the hon. Member, would be practicable. I can, however, assure him that any representations that may be made to me on the subject shall be carefully considered.


Are the people of the North of Ireland to take that as a general answer in the negative to their request for an acceleration of the mail service?


No, Sir. The main question of acceleration will be most carefully considered with reference to the North as well as to the rest of Ireland. I am only referring now to the particular route indicated.