HC Deb 03 May 1883 vol 278 c1713

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether the Messrs. Musgrave have served ejectments extensively among their tenantry in the parishes of Glencolumbkille and Kilcar for the year's rent due in November 1882; and, whether these tenants paid Messrs. Musgrave one year's rent last winter to obtain the benefit of the Arrears Act, and, in consequence of their efforts to make these payments, have since been dependent on charity for the support of their families?


I am informed, Sir, that the Messrs. Musgrave have not served any ejectments upon their tenants in the districts mentioned; but in a number of cases they issued civil bill processes for rent to the April Sessions. No rent had been paid since the spring of 1882, except in two or three cases out of 169. The majority of the tenants processed settled before the Sessions. This question deals partly with matters which are not the subject of official record, and I would hardly be in a position to answer it if it were not that the gentleman who acts as agent to the Messrs. Musgrave has been good enough to write to me. He informs me that of the Glencolumbkille cases not one of the tenants processed was in the Arrears Court, and of the Kilcar cases two, to his knowledge, were in the Arrears Court—that is, possibly four out of a total of 169. I am informed that substantial relief has been recently given to a large number of the tenantry in these parishes in the shape of oats and potatoes, but that the payment of rent has not left them entirely dependent on charity.