HC Deb 30 March 1883 vol 277 c1114

asked the President of the Local Government Board, Whether it is true that in the year 1874 the salaries of the staff in the Registrar General's Department were increased to cover the extra work involved by the issuing of Census Reports; whether he can give any estimate of the total amount which will be received by each permanent official in the Registrar General's Office, in addition to the sums already given in the Appropriation Act; Civil Service, 1881–2, page 129; whether it is true that the remainder of the temporary staff in the Census Office is shortly to be dismissed, and the work transferred to Somerset House; and, if so, whether such a course is likely to conduce either to economy or to the issuing of the Census Report at an earlier date than it otherwise would be; and, whether there is any foundation for the report that extra remuneration will be paid to the permanent staff in the Registrar General's Department on completion of the Census Reports?


in reply, said, the first, second, and fourth paragraphs of the Question concerned the Treasury more than the Local Government Board; and, therefore, they should be addressed to some Representative of that Department. With regard to the third and main paragraph of the Question, a selected number of clerks from the staff at Somerset House would continue to be employed for a time, preparing the details necessary for the final Report. That system was found to be conducive both to economy and efficiency.