HC Deb 16 March 1883 vol 277 c697

asked the Surveyor General of the Ordnance, Whether it is true that Major Carré was sent along with Veterinary Surgeon The Hon. M. H. Mostyn to Smyrna to purchase mules for the Egyptian expedition; whether Major Carré purchased 700 mules contrary, in the case of a large proportion, to the advice of Veterinary Surgeon Mostyn; and, whether Mr. Mostyn refused to sign the returns for the animals as fit for service; whether, on the arrival of the 700 animals at Ismailia, a board ordered to report upon them ordered two-thirds of them to be destroyed or sold as unfit for service; what was the precise number of the animals thus destroyed and sold; what sum was paid for them at Smyrna; what was the approximate cost of their transport to Ismailia; and, what sum was realised for those of the condemned animals which were sold?


Sir, Major Carré was sent to Smyrna with Veterinary Surgeon Hon. H. Mostyn to purchase mules for Egypt. In passing mules these officers differed on several occasions; but there is no record to show that that they did so in a large number of cases. Major Carré was instructed to act on the advice of the veterinary surgeon, and it was unfortunate that he did not do so. The Board on Mules did not order two-thirds or any like number to be destroyed. The number destroyed was eight out of a total of 17 condemned. None were sold on account of being condemned. The cost at Smyrna, including freight to Ismailia, was £26 10s. per mule. It was impossible to distinguish the price realized by the mules coming from different countries.