HC Deb 16 March 1883 vol 277 cc699-700

asked the Secretary of State for War, Whether Volunteer Corps which go through the training necessary to make them efficient, at Aldershot, in lieu of attending some local camp, may be inspected at Aldershot, instead of in their own district; and, if so, whether, in consideration of the probable greater efficiency of those present at Aldershot, the number required to be present at inspection to secure a grant might be reduced to one-half instead of two- thirds of the number on the books of the Corps?


in reply, said, there was no good reason why the existing rule should be changed. With regard to the inspection being made at Aldershot, it must be remembered that a comparatively small proportion only of a corps was likely to go into camp; whereas, as nearly as possible, the whole corps ought to be inspected. Again, it was in the Regulations that the inspection should take place in the district to which the corps belonged, in order that the officer responsible for its efficiency might see that the corps was fully assembled.