HC Deb 15 March 1883 vol 277 c541

asked the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, What steps, if any, have been recently taken to recover the sum of £2,000,000, and increments, paid by Her Majesty's Government to that of the United States in excess of the requirements of the "'Alabama' claims," which sum remains over and above all known claims, and is now held in suspense in the Exchequer of the United States? The hon. Member said, that, before putting the Question, he would like to know whether the noble Lord the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs had had his attention called to a statement in the public Press, to the effect that the fund was insufficient to meet all the claims outstanding, and that the probability was that when the claims were decided upon they would be apportioned pro rata. He believed it was an open secret that very large commission.—["Order!"]


The hon. Member is at liberty to put a Question, and to give any explanation that may be necessary to make the Question plain; but he is not at liberty to enter into new and debateable matter.


said, his only object was to make the Question plain and intelligible, and, after the ruling of the Speaker, he would simply put the Question as it stood upon the Paper.


I assure the hon. Member that his Question is an exceedingly plain one and does not require any explanation. In reply to the hon. Member's Question, I have to say that her Majesty's Government has not made any such inquiries or demands.


gave Notice that he would call attention to the matter on going into Committee of Supply.