HC Deb 15 March 1883 vol 277 cc557-8

asked the Postmaster General, If he has fully considered the effect which the official notice in the "Post Office Circular," issued September 26th, 1882, will have on sub-postmasters and letter receivers throughout the Kingdom if it is rigidly carried into effect when the parcels post comes into operation, since many of them are, and have been for a great number of years, the agents of the Railway Companies for the collection of parcels; whether the contemplated change will cause a most serious interference with a source of income for work that the persons referred to have done without interfering with the discharge of their official duties; and, whether it is intended that they shall have such an advance made to their allowance as shall be equivalent to the loss they will sustain if they are not permitted to act as agents on behalf of the Railway Companies?


I am afraid it invariably happens that it is impossible to introduce any change, however beneficial, without some persons being prejudicially affected. With regard to the Parcels Post, I think it will be obvious to my hon. Friend that it would not be expedient to allow Postmasters to act as agents for private Companies, who will be in direct competition with the Post Office. It is, of course, only fair that some additional remuneration should be given to the Sub-Postmasters and letter receivers for the additional labour which will devolve upon them in consequence of the introduction of the Parcels Post.