HC Deb 12 March 1883 vol 277 c190

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, If it is a fact that in the county of Fermanagh there is not a Methodist, Catholic, or Presbyterian magistrate; and, if so, will the Government direct the attention of the Lord Chancellor of Ireland to this grievance, that it may be remedied?


asked, Whether the whole of the Protestant population numbered only 37,000, whilst the Roman Catholic population exceeded 47,000; whether there were only 1,700 Presbyterians, and less than 5,000 Methodists; whether special regard to the appointment of magistrates would be paid to the preponderance of the Catholic population?


The religious persuasions of gentlemen holding the Commission of the Peace is not anywhere officially recorded; but I believe that it is not a fact that there is no magistrate in the county of Fermanagh belonging to the persuasions named in the Question. The Methodist and Presbyterian Bodies are represented—it is true only to a very small extent—among the local Justices, while the Resident Magistrate is a Roman Catholic. I shall be glad to draw the Lord Chancellor's attention to the Question which has been put to me. In reply to the Question of the hon. Member for Dungarvan, I shall be glad to lay the facts before the Lord Chancellor and call his attention to the subject.