HC Deb 25 June 1883 vol 280 c1422

asked Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, inasmuch as compensation has been calculated in the usual manner in regard to the loss sustained under the provisions of the Customs Act of 1881 by certain district registrars, who yet have been retained in their offices for public duty instead of being superannuated on retiring salaries, and that, moreover, the effect of the Act has been to develop and increase materially the taking out of probate grants in oases limited by the Act to the extent of 35 per cent entailing additional trouble and expenditure with the retention of the same staffs of office, Whether features of an exceptional character do not exist sufficient to take these cases out of the usual course; and, whether he will reconsider the scale of compensation proposed to be applied?


If experience shall show that the effect of the Customs and Inland Revenue Act of 1881 is to increase seriously the work in any District Registry in excess of the powers of the existing staff, the Treasury will be ready to consider whether the circumstances are such as would justify the grant of further clerical assistance. But no such prospective increase of work can afford grounds for altering the compensation granted for loss of emoluments actually received before the Act of 1881 came into operation.