HC Deb 18 June 1883 vol 280 cc799-800

wished to ask the Homo Secretary, Whether he had received any further information as to the terrible disaster which happened at Sunderland, and whether he would take care that at the Coroner's inquisition on this painful matter some person would be there to represent the Government and watch the proceedings?


Sir, I have been in communication since yesterday with the Mayor of Sunderland on the subject of this most terrible calamity. The information which he has conveyed to me contains nothing new beyond that which appears in the papers. I have already ordered that a barrister should attend at the inquest in order that the fullest information may be obtained as to the cause of the accident in question. Of course, until that is done, it would not be right for me to express any definite opinion on this subject; but there is one observation which I may be allowed to make. When we have a great concourse of people taking place out-of-doors, it is generally thought necessary by the police to take precautions against any disorder or disturbance. But it does not seem to be thought equally necessary to take similar precautions in regard to concourses of people in large buildings, when, as it seems to me, those precautions are, if possible, even more necessary than in the open air.


asked if the right hon. and learned Gentleman would take means to make the same regulations apply to the country that were now enforced in the Metropolis?

[No answer was given to this Question.]