HC Deb 08 June 1883 vol 280 cc84-5

gave Notice of a Question with respect to the case of a labourer named Smart, who was summoned before the Calne Bench of Magistrates (Lord Lansdowne in the chair) for leaving his work without leave. The man's wages were 10s. a-week, with 1s. deducted for rent, at which he had worked since Michaelmas. The employer proved no damage, but claimed £1, stating that it was the custom of the county to do so. The defendant swore that he had told his employer he should leave unless his wages were raised; and, on its being refused, he left his work on the following Monday to go to the hiring at Swindon, but returned on the following day. His solicitor urged that the man had five children to keep on 9s. per week, and as no damage was shown there was no case; but defendant was fined 5s. and 5s. costs. Defendant was further charged with having shot two rabbits on April 1. The employer said that he saw two rabbits hung up in the house of his shepherd, who admitted that he shot one, and Smart the other, who was fined 2s. 6d. and 6s. 6d. costs.

The House suspended its Sitting at Seven of the clock.

The House resumed its Sitting at Nine of the clock.