HC Deb 04 June 1883 vol 279 cc1621-2

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Is it a fact that Mr. William Carson, recently appointed a justice of the peace for the county of Fermanagh, did when in business several times compound with his creditors, and, on the last occasion when he was insolvent, his certificate was refused by the bankruptcy judge; and, whether under these circumstances he will be retained in the commission of the peace?


It is not the fact that Mr. Carson, recently appointed a Justice of the Peace for the county of Fermanagh, did, when in business, several times compound with his creditors, or that he was ever refused a certificate by the Bankruptcy Court. The following are the real circumstances of the case:—Mr. Carson, when a very young man, entering business about 40 years ago, in consequence, as he states himself, of having taken upon himself the liability of others, was for a time unable to meet his pecuniary engagements, and was obliged to seek the protection of the Insolvent Court, where he obtained his certificate. Subsequently, however, he paid all those creditors in full, and, for many years carried on business with much success, and having realized a considerable independence, he retired altogether from business 12 years ago. This gentleman will be retained in the Commission of the Peace, and I hope this explanation will satisfy the hon. Member for Cavan.


I should like to be allowed to ask the hon. Member this Question—whether he knew the fact, when he put his Question on the Paper, that this misfortune happened to this gentleman 40 years ago?

[No reply was given.]