HC Deb 04 June 1883 vol 279 cc1637-8

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether the Local Government Board has yet received the report of Mr. Croker on his recent audit of the Accounts of the Wexford Corporation?


I have received the Report of the auditor, from which it appears that the tenants in question are leaseholders, and that the auditor, having doubts as to the legality of the course adopted by the Corporation, re-inserted the allowance made to them in the column of the rental for arrears, and reserved to himself the right of surcharge, if he found that the Corporation had acted beyond their powers. The question is, undoubtedly, a legal one, on which the auditor was quite right to get legal opinion. The matter has not reached a stage at which the Local Government Board could interfere. In the event of a surcharge being made, an appeal to the Board lies, under the 12th section of the Local Government Act.