HC Deb 26 July 1883 vol 282 cc547-8

asked the Under Secretary of State for the Colonies, Whether he will obtain from Sir Henry Bulwer an estimate of the number of thousands of Zulu lives sacrificed in consequence of Cetewayo's restoration. He also wished to ask, whether it is true that Cetewayo himself has fallen a victim to the policy of the Government?


If my hon. Friend is going to reply to this Question, I should like to ask one on the same subject—whether he will, at the same time, endeavour to obtain some estimate of the number of lives which have, from first to last, been sacrificed in consequence of carrying out the policy of Sir Bartle Frere?


Before the hon. Gentleman answers, I should also like to ask him, if he can give us a clear statement of the cost to this country in blood and money of the wanton invasion by the English people of Zululand?


Sir, in reply to the hon. Member for Eye, I would say that the estimate he asks for would, in every one of its items, enter into matters of controversy and of disputed opinion. ["No, no!"] For instance, it is very much a matter of disputed opinion what would have been the condition of Zululand on this occasion, if Cetewayo had not been restored. Many of the Chiefs were in comflict with one another, and there was a considerable amount of fighting going on in Zululand previously to his restoration; and, therefore, I would answer the hon. Member in this way—that I do not believe Sir Henry Bulwer could any more easily make an estimate of the number of lives sacrificed in consequence of Cetewayo's restoration, than he could say how many lives would have been sacrificed if Cetewayo had not been restored. In answer to the further Question of the hon. Member as to news from Zululand, we have received a telegram from Sir Henry Bulwer, dated July 26, in which he says— Osborne's letter of the 23rd just received, and states that, in his opinion, it is certain that Cetewayo was killed during attack on Ulundi on the 21st, although definite information is wanting. I would draw the hon. Member's attention to what I am going to read, as an answer to the last part of his Question— Mr. Finn's last letter, dated 19th, reported an Osutu raid into Usibepu's territory on the 14th instant. I expect more certain news from Osborne to-morrow. That is all the information we have got.


asked, whether the Government were in possession of information to the effect that these acts of violence or acts of warfare were instigated by White men among the Zulu Tribes; and, whether the Government would take steps to withdraw or expel these men from Zululand?


asked that Notice of the Question should be given.