HC Deb 26 July 1883 vol 282 cc518-9

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether complaint was made to the Police that, on the morning of 13th July, a man, who was on his return from the Celebration of the previous day, held at the place of a local magistrate, insulted and threatened a Catholic family named. M'Grahey at Dundion, county Monaghan; whether it was represented that, only for being forcibly prevented, this man was attempting to carry his threats into execution with a loaded gun; whether an investigation was held before two magistrates; whether one of these was the gentleman at whose place the Celebration was held, and the other a friend of his; whether, as the result, no action was taken by the Police; whether the local resident magistrate was consulted; whether the person complained of was formerly in the service of one of the justices of the peace mentioned; if any further steps will be taken to promote the ends of justice; if he will state whether there are any Catholic magistrates in the locality; and, when the Return will be ready, showing the religions of the justices in the Irish counties?


Sir, M'Gahey complained to the police that Elliott, when returning from an Orange ball, threatened him; but He did not allege that he was assaulted, or state that he saw any firearms. An investigation was held before two magistrates, one of whom was the gentleman in whose house the ball had taken place, and in whose service Elliott had once been. The other magistrate was not a friend of his. Several witnesses, all Roman Catholics, were named by the complainant; but, when examined, they flatly contradicted him. No offence was disclosed; and, therefore, no further action was taken by the police, and the resident magistrate was not communicated with; but the complainant was informed by the magistrate that he could take action himself in the matter if he saw fit. There are no Roman Catholic magistrates in the locality. It is anticipated that the Return, to which the hon. Member refers, will be ready in the course of a fortnight.