HC Deb 26 July 1883 vol 282 cc524-5

asked the Secretary of State for War, Whether the Government will take into consideration the position of the Militia Adjutants holding the appointments permanently under the old rules, with a view to placing them on a fair footing of equality with those holding the appointments for five years under the new rules, by giving them the temporary rank of Major in the Army from 1st July 1881, as, when the new Majors were made, 1st July 1881, several of them were Adjutants of Militia, and, ipso facto, became senior to the old Adjutants, most of whom were over twenty years' service, and, as they constantly meet on duty at the Depots, the senior officers are commanded by their juniors?


Sir, the case of these Militia adjutants was fully considered by my Predecessor, and announced at the time to the House; and I do not see any reason for disturbing his decision—that it was inexpedient to confer the rank of major upon them, as suggested in the hon. Member's Question.