HC Deb 19 July 1883 vol 281 cc1911-2

asked the First Lord of the Treasury, Whether, seeing the unsettled questions of importance yet to be dealt with by the Government on the Report stages of the Corrupt Practices Bill, the Government will fix an early day for taking that stage, so as to ensure the consideration of such questions by a fairly full House?


, in reply, said, this was a Question of some interest to the House, as it had reference to Public Business, and was a revival of the Question, in substance, which was previously put to him with regard to the precedence between the Corrupt Practices Bill and the Tenant's Compensation Bills. The Corrupt Practices Bill presenting so heavy a pièce de resistance, they felt it necessary to get through the difficult stage of the Bill, but the Question now was somewhat altered; and as it had been represented that the House of Lords, whose convenience ought to be considered, had a great interest in the Compensation Bills, whereas that was not the case with regard to the Corrupt Practices Bill, therefore, though he was desirous they should have the Report of the Corrupt Practices Bill considered by an adequately full House, he should not, at the present moment, bind the Government to take the Report upon the Bill before the Report on the Tenants' Compensation Bills. His impression, as at present advised, was that it might be the better course to take the Report on the Tenants' Compensation Bills before the Report on the Corrupt Practices Bill.


inquired whether the Attorney General would place the proposed Amendments to the Corrupt Practices Bill on the Table of the House?


I am engaged on them now, and they shall be in the hands of Members as soon as possible.