HC Deb 13 July 1883 vol 281 c1359

asked the First Lord of the Treasury, Whether, in the further consideration which the Government propose to give to our policy in regard to New Guinea, full weight will be given to the danger which would arise from the state of feeling in our Australian Colonies in the event of occurrences in Australasia of the nature of those which have been reported from Madagascar?


I am not sure that I quite understand the particular meaning which my hon. Friend attaches to this Question; but I shall answer it affirmatively, because, undoubtedly, it would be the duty of Her Majesty's Government, if any further questions should arise as to New Guinea, which is possible, to take into view before arriving at a decision all contingencies, whether political or economical, which would be likely to arise in consequence of any decision they might take. I am not sure whether my hon. Friend is quite correct in speaking of "the further consideration which the Government propose to give." I am not aware that we have made any announcement corresponding to that; but still, if communications should be received from the Colonies, they would receive careful attention.


asked when Papers would be presented on the subject?


said, that a series of Papers was in course of consideration; but if it was desired to have the New Guinea despatch alone, he presumed there would be no difficulty in laying it on the Table.


explained that the reason why the Papers had not yet been presented was because it was desired to include certain telegrams which had only just arrived in order to make the Papers complete.