HC Deb 09 July 1883 vol 281 cc781-2

asked the Under Secretary of State for the Colo- nies, Whether it is a fact that the Zulu Native Reserve was expressly set apart— For the location of those Zulu Chiefs and people who might he unwilling or unable to come again under the authority of Cetywayo; and, whether there is any reason to doubt the correctness of the statements contained in Despatch No. 8 of Blue Book, C. 3616, to the effect that Uhamu, Umfanawendhlela, and Tyingwayo had signified such unwillingness; in No. 12, in which Umlandela's refusal to live under Cetywayo is also reported; and in No. 71, which includes in the same category Siunguza, Umgitjwa, Zakukaziningo, John Dunn, and Hlubi; and, if not, whether the Government are in a position to carry out the promise made to those nine deposed Chiefs that sufficient locations shall be assigned for themselves and their people in the Re-served Territory?


Sir, I have referred to the Blue Book, and I see the mistake into which the hon. Member has fallen. The Chiefs named in the first portion of the paragraph have certainly expressed their dislike to the restored power of Cetewayo; but they have neither claimed nor apparently desired to come into the Reserve Territory. As to the names set out in the second part of the paragraph, the context in the Blue Book will show that they are given as names of persons already in the Reserve Territory, and cannot, therefore, represent the deposed Chiefs, except, of course, the two—namely, Dunn and Hlubi. I presume that as there is in any English country probably more than one Jones or Robinson, so there are more than one bearing these names in Zululand.