HC Deb 09 July 1883 vol 281 c768

asked the Vice President of the Council, Whether a final decision has been arrived at with regard to the proposed Middle Class School to be established at Tunbridge or Tunbridge Wells; and, whether, if not, he will consent to receive a representation from the inhabitants of Tunbridge, who consider themselves aggrieved by the proposed establishment of the School at a distance from their own homes?


Sir, the scheme for establishing a middle-class school in or near the parish of Tunbridge, as approved by Parliament and the Queen in Council, requires that the site proposed by the Governors shall be submitted to and approved by the Charity Commissioners. The Governors did submit a site at Tunbridge which did not receive the approval of the Commissioners, and in signifying their disapproval the Commissioners indicated their opinion that the school should be at Tunbridge Wells. The Governors have now intimated their intention of proposing another site, which will be duly considered. As the question of approving the site is one which, according to Act of Parliament, is vested in the Charity Commissioners, it is not competent for me or any other authority to interfere in the matter.