HC Deb 06 July 1883 vol 281 cc608-9

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, If he is aware that Mr. Michael Quigley, of Knockjames, Tulla, county Clare, applied for a loan of £200 to the Irish Board of Works as far back as February 1880, but has not yet obtained it; if it is a fact that Mr. Quigley is owner in fee of the farm upon which he proposed to expend this money, and that he also gave two respectable farmers as sureties, but that he was informed by the Board of Works that they required "unquestionable security," and what is meant by "unquestionable security," whether it refers to repayment or application of loan, or both; if it is a fact that a sum of £ 1 13s. 4d. is now claimed by the Board of Works from Mr. Quigley as "preliminary expenses," besides his having to pay an engineer £2 10s.; and, if it is a fact that delays of this description are of common occurrence in the transaction of Board of Words business, and that preliminary charges are in all cases so exorbitant; and, if so, whether any steps will be taken to remedy these defects in the administration of so important a Department?


Mr. Quigley applied for a loan in August, 1880, which, after due inquiry, was sanctioned in October of that year. In accordance with the Rules, he was called upon to name sureties for the due application of the money, not for the repayment of the loan. He first named a man whose security was not considered satisfactory; then, after a very long delay, he named a priest, who, however, was forbidden by ecclesiastical regulations to sign the bond; but at last, on the 18th of June, he named a sufficient surety, to whom the bond has been sent for execution. The first instalment will be issued as soon as the bond is returned. The preliminary expenses, for which £1 13s. 4d. will be deducted from the first instalment, are the cost of the advertisements required by law and of the registration. The Board of Works have no knowledge of the other payment mentioned.