HC Deb 02 July 1883 vol 281 cc43-4

asked the Under Secretary of State for the Colonies, Whether, with their present knowledge of the circumstances attending the late attack made by Cetywayo's followers upon Usibepu, Her Majesty's Government still adhere to the determination, expressed in Lord Derby's Despatch to Sir H. Bulwer of April 23rd, of refusing the request so strongly expressed by Sir H. Bulwer, Sir Th. Shepstone, and by the late British Resident in Zululand, for the appointment, at a cost of £550, of a Resident in Usibepu's territory?


Sir, the Government, though regretting very much to differ in any respect from Sir Henry Bulwer, still adhere to their view as to the appointment of a Resident with Usibepu. Apart from the consideration of the difficulty of finding a suitable person, the Government think that the risk attendant on putting a Resident in so remote a part, and the increased responsibility which it might entail, quite outweigh the advantages to be obtained from it. The question of money has not entered into the consideration of the Government.