HC Deb 23 February 1883 vol 276 cc704-5

asked the Secretary of State for War, Whether his attention has been called to the following statements made by Members of the Ministry:—1. To a statement of the honourable Member for Leeds, at Peebles, That Ireland is in need of radical and drastic reforms…." and "that the Government of Ireland is as had as it can be, and one of the worst Governments in Europe: 2. To a statement of the honourable Member for Liskeard to his constituents, The policy is to separate Egypt from Turkey. The Sultan has not been consulted upon any of the recent actions in Egypt, and you may take it for granted that the Sultan's power over Egypt has gone for ever; and, whether these statements accurately represent the views of Her Majesty's Government?


I do not know, Sir, why the hon. Member has postponed asking the Question for a week after giving Notice of it. With regard to the first part of the Question, what I had to say about the speech of my hon. Friend the Member for Leeds (Mr. Herbert Gladstone) I said last night, and I do not think I need repeat my remarks. My attention has been called to the statement of the hon. Member for Liskeard (Mr. Courtney), which, I believe, is accurately quoted in the Question. The hon. Member will see in the Papers that have been laid upon the Table what views the Government take as to the relations between Egypt and Turkey, and he will be able to judge for himself whether the statements of my hon. Friend accurately represent those views.