HC Deb 20 February 1883 vol 276 cc398-400

Motion made, and Question proposed, That the Notices of Motion and the 1st Order of the Day be postponed until after the Order of the Day for resuming the Adjourned Debate on the Address to Her Majesty."—(The Marquess of Hartington.)


said, that the Parliamentary Oaths Bill, which was not yet printed, or in the hands of hon. Members, stood in the Orders of the Day for Monday next. It stood last in the Orders; but he concluded that the noble Marquess the Secretary of State for War (the Marquess of Hartington) did not intend to relegate the second reading of the Bill to so late an hour that it could not be reported in the daily Press, for the subject was one upon which the country ought to have full information. He hoped the noble Marquess would not preclude those who entertained strong feelings on the subject-matter of the Bill from being able, after seeing it, to prepare Petitions to the House. He would ask the noble Marquess whether it was his intention to press on the second reading of the Bill on Monday next; and, if not, to what day the Order would be postponed? He begged to remind the noble Marquess that on Friday last, in answer to a Question from himself (Mr. Newdegate), he stated that it was not his intention to take the second reading until the Standing Committees had boon appointed. He hoped the noble Marquess would forgive his reminding him of that announcement, and he would conclude with the Question, when would the second reading of the Parliamentary Oaths Bill be proposed for the consideration of the House?


I think the hon. Gentleman has not quite accurately represented what I stated the other night. I did not say this Bill would not be proceeded with until the Standing Committees had been appointed. What I did say was that the desire of the Government was to make the greatest progress with the next stages of those Bills which would be referred to the Standing Committees; but probably we should not ask the House to read the Parliamentary Oaths Bill a second time until we had made some progress with other measures. In reply to the hon. Gentleman's Question, I would just state that the Bill has only been formally set down for Monday; but we have no intention whatever of asking the House to proceed with it on that day. I cannot positively say when the second reading will be taken, but ample notice will be given.


Will the noble Marquess give us an assurance that the Bill will be taken as the First Order of the Day?—because a measure of that importance ought not to be put off till a late hour.


asked whether the remarks of the noble Marquess would apply to the Bankruptcy Bill? He thought ample time should be given to hon. Members to study the Bill before the second reading.


said, he hoped the Bankruptcy Bill would be in the hands of Members either to-morrow or on Thursday. Under the circumstances, and if there should be an opportunity, he would go on with the second reading on Monday. ["Oh!"]


said, in that case he should move that the second reading be not taken before Monday fortnight.


Perhaps the noble Lord will answer my appeal that the Parliamentary Oaths Bill should be made the First Order of the Day?


The appeal of the right hon. Gentleman appears to mo to be substantially a reasonable one; but it will be inconvenient at this moment, when we are unable to form any opinion as to the conduct of Public Business, to give an absolute promise. I will consider the appeal by the right hon. Gentleman, and endeavour to make the best arrangement in my power.

Motion agreed to.

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