HC Deb 20 February 1883 vol 276 c403

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, Whether under the Excise regulations distillers are permitted to supply spirits to their employés without payment of any Duty; and, if so, what quantity of spirits can be thus supplied to each person; whether there is any restriction as to the ages of persons to whom such spirits can be supplied, or any rule which prevents new whiskey being supplied; whether there is any objection to give a Return of the quantity of spirits supplied under such a regulation; and, whether a similar privilege is granted to other manufactures of intoxicating liquors?


Sir, any distiller is allowed at his request to give his workmen a dram once or twice a-day in the lock-up spirit store without restriction as to the age of the persons so supplied, or as to the quality of the spirits. The Excise authorities have no knowledge of the amount so consumed, as it is included in the waste, for which a statutory allowance of duty is made. In the case of beer no such privilege is granted, because it is not necessary; beer not being locked up during its manufacture. The Board of Inland Revenue would be glad to withdraw this privilege from distillers, were it not for fear that a worse evil might arise in the form of thefts of spirits while in course of manufacture.


gave Notice that on going into Supply he would call attention to that subject.