HC Deb 22 August 1883 vol 283 cc1646-7

asked, Whether it was really the intention of Her Majesty's Government to proceed, at that period of the Session, with a Bill which was certain to meet with so much opposition as the Medical Act Amendment Bill?


said, he thought the House was really entitled to a definite answer from the Government on the matter.


said, it would be most important to have a decisive answer on this matter from Her Majesty's Government, as there were several deputations in town of distinguished gentlemen from Scotland and Ireland, who were most interested in the question, and it would be most convenient if there was definite information as to the intentions of the Government.


said, that hon. Members were not unnaturally anxious for definite information in this matter. He had hoped to have been able to take the second reading of the Bill before this, and that it would have been in their power to devote a part of Thursday to deal with it. He was sorry, having regard to the great interest which the Government took in this Bill, and to the very great importance of its provisions, that that could not be done. Since last night he had no opportunity of communicating with his noble Friend the President of the Council, who conducted the measure through the House of Lords; but he felt that that being Wednesday morning, the 22nd of August, hon. Members had a right to expect what the opinion of the Government was on the present state of facts; and his opinion, and the opinion of his Colleagues, as far as he could ascertain, was that, it being impossible to take the second reading of the Bill before tomorrow, it would be quite impossible to carry it through the House this Session. With the deepest regret, therefore, he should answer that it was not in the power of the Government to carry the measure through the House this Session.


asked whether the decision of the Prime Minister with regard to the Medical Act Amendment Bill would apply to the Stolen Goods Bill which came from the House of Lords, and which had not been read a second time?


I would ask the hon. Member to communicate with the Under Secretary of State for the Home Department (Mr. Hibbert) on the matter.