HC Deb 16 August 1883 vol 283 c747

, who had the following Question on the Paper:— To ask the First Lord of the Treasury, Whether it has been definitely decided that the Maharajah Dhuleep Singh is to visit India this autumn, and for what object; and, if so, whether he is to be allowed to visit the Punjab, Scinde, or any portion of the north-west provinces; and, whether there is any truth in the report that treasonable letters have been seized in the Punjab, or elsewere, regarding the contemplated visit of the Maharajah? said: I have to thank the Prime Minister for his courtesy in sending me a letter with reference to this Question. I hope the right hon. Gentleman will allow me a short time to consider whether I should not put this Question in some shape, and whether it might not be for the best interests of India that it should be answered.