HC Deb 14 August 1883 vol 283 cc458-9

asked the Secretary to the Local Government Board, Whether his attention has been called to the condition of the parish of Early, in the Union of Wokingham, which is alleged to be so badly provided with medical attendance that the poor have to journey fourteen miles, to and fro, in order to obtain it; whether there is any office for the Registration of Births and Deaths in Early, or the neighbourhood; and, in either of the above cases, if it be necessary, will the Local Government Board do what it can to secure the requisite attendance?


Sir, the Board are aware of the facts as regards the arrangements for the attendance on the sick poor in the Liberty of Early in the Wokingham Union. The medical officer of the district in which Early is situated has held office for 19 years. He resides within his district, and his residence is situate about two miles and a-half from Early New Town, which is the most populous part of the Liberty, and about four miles from the furthest part of Early. A large number of the persons living at Early New Town are employed at the factory of Messrs. Palmer, and most of these are attended by the medical men of the Reading Dispensary. On the 1st of July last, there were only nine cases of persons in Early receiving medical relief from the Guardians. In any case of urgency, the medical officer would attend, without waiting for an order of the relieving officer, or an order for attendance might be obtained from one of the churchwardens or over- seers residing in Early. The relieving officer is in the Liberty at least once in each week. It has not been shown that the existing arrangements, with which, so far as the Board can ascertain, the Guardians are quite satisfied, are such that the Board's intervention is required. As regards the question as to the registration arrangements, the Board have communicated with the Registrar General, and have ascertained that the Registrar has two stations within the Liberty of Early, where he attends to register. He attends at one station every Wednesday, and at the other on the first and third Saturdays in each month. No complaint has reached the Registrar General of the insufficiency of the arrangements.