HC Deb 14 August 1883 vol 283 c455

SUPPLY—considered in CommitteeResolutions [August 13] reported.

PUBLIC BILLS—Resolution in Committee—Tramways and Public Companies (Ireland) [Advances].

First Reading—Summary Jurisdiction (Repeal, &c.)* [289]; Statute Law Revision and Civil Procedure* [290]; Statute Law Revision* [291]; Trial of Lunatics* [292].

Second Reading—Tramways and Public Companies (Ireland) [286].

Committee—Revenue and Friendly Societies [269] [House counted out].

CommitteeReport—Parliamentary Registration (Ireland) [155]; Corrupt Practices (Suspension of Elections)* [281].

Considered as amendedThird Reading—Bankruptcy [243]; Education (Scotland) * [226], and passed.

Third Reading—National Debt* [287], and passed.

Withdrawn—Income Tax Administration * [98].

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