HC Deb 14 August 1883 vol 283 c460

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, If he will submit a statement showing what balance, if any, will remain in the Irish Church Temporalities Fund after all existing liabilities are discharged, before asking Parliament to impose further liabilities on that fund with an ultimate liability on the Consolidated Fund?


Sir, my right hon. Friend the Chief Secretary for Ireland has asked me to answer this Question. My hon. Friend behind me (Sir George Campbell) will find, in Paper 234 of last Session, a full analysis of the position of the Irish Church Fund at that time, from which he will see that we calculated it could bear a charge of at least £2,000,000. Since then the arrears payments have been made; two other small charges under the Poor Relief and Irish Sea Fisheries Acts have been thrown upon it, and the Tramways and Public Companies (Ireland) Bill, now before the House, proposes a further charge. The sums, however, do not together amount to more than £1,300,000.


said, that he would give Notice that, as the surety of the Consolidated Fund did not appear to be necessary, he would call attention to the point when the subject was brought forward, and move to strike it out of the Bill referred to by the hon. Gentleman.