HC Deb 10 August 1883 vol 283 cc138-40

Order for Committee read.

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That Mr. Speaker do now leave the Chair."—(Mr. Mundella.)


said, he had no objection to this Bill, which he believed to be a good one; but he did object to its being considered in Committee at a quarter past 3 o'clock in the morning. He thought, when the House had sat for 11 hours, it might fairly be said that the limit of human endurance had been reached. He might, perhaps, have yielded his assent to the Motion, had the House not been going to sit again until Monday; but seeing that they were to meet again to-morrow at 12 o'clock, and that Mr. Speaker and the officers of the House must be worn out, he begged to move that the House do adjourn.

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That this House do now adjourn."—(Colonel Alexander.)


regretted that the consideration of the preceding Business of the day had occupied so long; and, for his own part, he was loth to make any further demand upon the time of hon. Members than was absolutely necessary. He had only brought on the Bill at that late hour, because he was aware that several of the Scotch Members had remained in town on purpose to pass it. Those Gentlemen had urged him to bring on the Bill that evening; and as he believed its provisions were agreed to on all sides, and that it would be passed through Committee in a very short time, he would appeal to the House to allow this stage to be taken pro formâ, on the understanding that Progress would be at once reported, and the Bill considered again in Committee on Monday next.


said, that, notwithstanding the New Rules that had been passed for the purpose of facilitating the Business of the House, they had been harder worked during that Session than in any previous year. Hon. Members had sat with so much patience that the Government were inclined, if they were allowed, to keep the House sitting all night. He protested that it was not right to allow the Government to take a single Order after the present had been disposed of. Out of deference to their Speaker they ought not to prolong the Sitting one moment beyond that.


said, he hoped the Motion of his hon. and gallant Friend would not be pressed. The remaining Motions ought to be very quickly disposed of; and with regard to the Education (Scotland) Bill he pointed out that unless it was taken then it could not be put down on Monday.

Motion, by leave, withdrawn.

Original Question again proposed.


said, he had protested against the second reading of the Bill being taken at a late hour, and he protested against the Committee stage being taken after 3 o'clock in the morning; but as he was anxious not to throw any obstacle in the way of the Bill at that period of the Session, and as the measure contained many valuable provisions, he supposed they must allow it to go into Committee. He understood the right hon. Gentleman the Vice President of the Council of Education to say that if that stage were taken he would put down the Bill for Monday for further consideration in Committee. That being so, he should not oppose the Motion that the Speaker leave the Chair.

Original Question put, and agreed to.

Bill considered in Committee.

(In the Committee.)

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That the Chairman do report Progress, and ask leave to sit again."—(Mr. Mundella.)

Motion agreed to.

Committee report Progress; to sit again upon Monday next.