HC Deb 30 April 1883 vol 278 cc1432-3

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department, Whether a report has been received by the Home Office from Dr. Hoffman, Inspector of Burial Grounds, with reference to the disused burial ground, Hampstead Road, belonging to St. James's, Westminster; whether such report contains the following passage:— The importance of preserving existing open spaces in the midst of a large city cannot I think be overrated, and, except for the sake of undoubted public improvement, disused burial grounds should not be disturbed, but should be turfed and planted with flowers and shrubs, and permanently kept in good order. In an Act entitled ' The Metropolitan Open Spaces Act, 1881,' the Metropolitan Board of Works (s. v.) have power to deal with disused burial grounds in this very way: In this instance the comparatively large size of the ground renders it still more important that the necessity for the Company's scheme should be carefully considered before any extensive encroachment is permitted; whether it is estimated that 50,000 bodies have been buried in this ground; whether he is aware that the London and North Western Railway Company are seeking powers in a Bill now before Parliament to appropriate one-half of this burial ground; and, whether he will lay such report upon the Table of the House.


, said, he had to reply to the first three Questions in the affirmative. He believed that the London and North Western Railway Company were seeking powers to appropriate half the burying ground, and there would be no objection to lay the Report on the Table.