HC Deb 30 April 1883 vol 278 cc1430-1

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether he can give any further information, in the shape of Papers or Reports, on the assisted emigration from Ireland, more particularly with reference to the steps taken to provide for the emigrants on landing in America; and, whether Major Gaskell has made any Report since returning from that country; and, if so, whether he will lay this Report upon the Table?


Sir, Major Gaskell has made a Report since his return from America, and there is no objection to lay it on the Table. There are not, I think, any other Papers which could be usefully produced at present; the recent Papers consist principally of correspondence with Boards of Guardians, members of Emigration Committees, and others, on matter of detail. But I may mention that 44 Unions, or parts of Unions, have been scheduled, and that the applications from these Unions are so numerous and pressing that it has been found necessary to increase the number of Members of the Government Committee from two to six. The anxiety of the poor in the West of Ireland to take advantage of the aid thus afforded to them continues unabated, and the Emigration Committee find it difficult to keep pace with the action of Boards of Guardians in the selection of emigrants, and in making the necessary arrangements for their embarkation, and for their reception and disposal abroad. On the latter point, which is specially referred to in the hon. and gallant Member's Question, I may mention that only those are allowed to proceed to the United States who have friends there able to do something for them, and that the emigrants sent to Canada are generally aided to find employment by the agents of the Canadian Government.


Would the right hon. Gentleman give the names?


The original members of the Emigration Committee, which perhaps is not a very satisfactory official title considering the nature of the work they do, were Major Gaskell and Mr. C. T. Redington. There have been since appointed Sir Robert Jackson, M.D., C.B., Captain Ross of Bladensburg, Mr. Wall, and Mr. Sampson. The last-named acted as a vice Guardian under the Local Government Board.