HC Deb 27 April 1883 vol 278 cc1268-9

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, If his attention has been called to the arrests of several respectable farmers in the vicinity of Miltown Malbay; if they have been charged with conspiracy to murder; if it is true that no outrage has occurred in the district for upwards of twelve months; if it is a fact that four men were first arrested and examined at the police barrack with a view to extract information from them respecting the alleged conspiracy; whether failing this they were discharged and arrested again the same night and conveyed to Ennis Gaol; if they have been kept there since Thursday April 19th, by order of Mr. Clifford Lloyd, special resident magistrate, without permission to see any of their friends; if one of them, Francis Egan, was kept separate from the others, and then sent homo under police protection; if he has since been followed everywhere he goes, oven into church, by policemen; if Mr. Egan has repeatedly and emphatically declared that he has no information to communicate; and, whether, since no evidence whatever can be procured to prove the complicity of any of the men arrested in conspiracy, Her Majesty's Government will order their immediate discharge from custody?


I must ask the hon. Member to be good enough to repeat this Question on a later day, as I have not had time since it appeared on the Paper yesterday to receive the necessary Reports from the West of Ireland to enable me to answer it.