HC Deb 27 April 1883 vol 278 cc1279-80

Before other matters are disposed of, I think we ought to have some decision as to the renewal of the Transvaal Debate.


The time at my disposal is a limited period, and the only choice open to the Government is how to dispose of a particular day. There was a sceptical tone manifested last night when I intimated my opinion that the termination of the debate ought to be approaching. Gentlemen suggest measure after measure, as if I had power to make days for them. I must, however, say in regard to what has passed that I regard the pledge to take the Navy Estimates as one having precedence over the debate on the Transvaal.


With regard to the Prime Minister's remarks as to the sceptical tone with which his remarks last night were met, I should like to ask whether it is not a fact that the noble Lord the Member for Flintshire (Lord Richard Grosvenor) had sent out the usual notice to the Members of the Liberal party stating that the division would take place on Thursday next?


I beg to inform the noble Lord that I have not sent out any such notice, or intimated that the division would be taken on any night.