HC Deb 23 April 1883 vol 278 cc893-4

asked the Postmaster General, Whether, in connection with the arrangements and conditions for the proposed new tenders for the Irish Mail Contract, he will have regard to the strongly expressed wishes of the people in the north of Ireland to have the mail service to Dublin substantially accelerated in connection with the English mail, and particularly by including a limited mail train from Partadown to Londonderry at the same rate of speed as that between Belfast and Dublin?


Before the right hon. Gentleman answers the Question, perhaps I may be permitted to supplement it by another—namely, to ask, Whether the Postmaster General will take into his consideration, in connection with the new contract for the mail service between England and Ireland, the revision of the Irish mail service dependent thereon —that is to say, the service to Cork, the service to Limerick, the service to Gal-way, the service to Wexford and the intermediate towns, so as to secure that the whole Irish mail service should be as efficient as the English mail service; and, also, whether he will, as was done in connection with the former contract, consult the Irish Representative Bodies who are interested in the subject, more especially the Chamber of Commerce of Dublin, so as to obtain their views before any final decision is arrived at?


Sir, in reply to the Question addressed to me by the hon. Member for Carlow (Mr. Gray), and to the Question of the hon. Member opposite (Mr. Lewis), I can assure them, that the importance of accelerating the mail service, not only to Dublin, but throughout Ireland generally, is fully recognized; and I should be very glad indeed, without pledging myself to any particular kind of acceleration, to give as much acceleration as I find practicable. I can assure the hon. Member for Carlow, as to the last part of his Question, that I shall be very glad to receive a deputation from the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, and to hear both their views, and the views of Irish Members on the subject.