HC Deb 20 April 1883 vol 278 c741

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether it is a fact that John Casey has been detained for more than twelve months, and is still detained in prison without trial, charged with the murder of Mr. A. E. Herbert, J. P. Castleisland; whether ho was brought up at the several assizes without any attempt on the part of the Crown to substantiate the charge against him; whether, at the last Cork Assizes, Lord Justice Fitzgibbon ordered him to be released on giving two sureties in £25 each to come up when called on; whether Mr. Morphy, Crown Solicitor, undertook that with a view to his release he should be reconducted to Tralee Gaol, from which he had been transferred to Cork under the Crimes Act to take his trial; whether two solvent securities presented themselves in Tralee on Saturday, and were informed by the officials that no instructions had been received for his release on bail; and, whether, in view of the fact that Casey has been during more than a year incarcerated without trial, steps will be taken to bring him to an immediate trial, or to carry out the order of Lord Justice Fitzgibbon, made a month since, for his release on bail?


It is the case that John Casey has been detained, as stated, on the charge of murder of Mr. Herbert. A true bill was found against him at the Summer Assizes last year, and the trial was postponed, bail being refused. At the Winter Assizes the trial was again postponed, and the Crown consented to bail, which, however, was not forthcoming. At the late Spring Assizes a further postponement took place, and the Crown again consented to bail, and the Judge made the necessary order. At the suggestion of the Crown Solicitor, the prisoner was removed to Tralee for the convenience of himself and his bailsmen. It was the business of the prisoner's solicitor, and not of the Crown, to see the Judge's order carried out, and if any delay has occurred the fault rests with him. The Constabulary have been instructed to give any aid they can in expediting the matter.