HC Deb 12 April 1883 vol 278 c73

asked the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Whether it be the fact that a certain portion of the foreshore of Lancashire in the estuary of the Ribble has been sold to the lords of the manor; when their offer was received, and when accepted, and what was its amount; whether for some months previously the same foreshore was under offer to the Corporation of Southport being considered by them highly necessary for the proper sanitation of the town; whether they offered a larger price than the lords of the manor, and for what reason their offer was disregarded, and, without notice to the Corporation, the other offer preferred; and, whether, if the facts be as stated, he will not suspend further action in the matter?


Sir, my answer to the first part of the Question is yes. The interest of the Duchy in this foreshore, the right to which was in dispute between the Duchy and the lords of the manor, has been sold to them. Their offer was received last Monday morning, previously to an offer made later in the day by the Corporation of Southport. It was accepted with some modification on Tuesday afternoon. The amount was £15,000. My answer to the third part of the Question is no. There had been negotiations with the Corporation in 1881; but these had practically come to an end long ago, and there was no offer whatever pending. My answer to the fourth part is this. There was no material difference between the offers; but, on the whole, we considered the offer of the lords of the manor the better. The offer made by the Corporation on Monday last was not disregarded; it was carefully considered. With regard to the fifth part, I am unable to suspend action in this matter, especially as a binding contract has been made from which neither the lords nor the Duchy can recede.