HC Deb 11 April 1883 vol 278 cc1-3

said, he would postpone until next day his Question to the Secretary to the Treasury, with regard to the Irish mail contract; and he begged now to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutentant of Ireland, When he will bring in his promised Bill for the Amendment of the Registration of Voters' Laws in Ireland?


Sir, in answer to this Question, I can only say that I will introduce the Bill at the earliest possible opportunity. The Government are extremely anxious to consult with the hon. Member who put the Question, and it is also absolutely necessary carefully to consult with the hon. Member for Kildare, whom I hope to see in a few days, and to whom it is owing that the question is so far advanced.


asked the hon. Member for Carlow (Mr. Dawson), whether, under the circumstances, he would not now withdraw his Bill?


Sir; for certain reasons I cannot advise the hon. Mem- ber to withdraw the Bill. I may say that the two Bills are in some respects similar.