HC Deb 05 April 1883 vol 277 c1490

asked the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Whether he will lay upon the Table the Treaties between the French Government and that of Madagascar, referred to in the French Yellow Book, Treaty of August 8th, 1868, that by which Tsinuharo in 1840 céda a la France tous ses droits sur l'Ankava; whether that so-called cession, made by Chiefs in rebellion against their Government, and kept secret for forty-two years, is recognized by Her Majesty's Government; and, whether the answers of the Madagascar Government to the statements and allegations in the French Yellow Book have been communicated to Her Majesty's Government; and, if they have, whether they will be laid upon the Table of the House.


The Treaty of August 8, 1868, is published in volume 58 of the State Papers, which are in the Library of the House. There will be no objection to lay it on the Table, if desired by the House. The Treaty of 1840 or 1841 has not been communicated by the French Government, nor, so far as we are aware, has it been officially published in France. In view of their ignorance of what is passing on the subject between the Governments of France and Madagascar, Her Majesty's Government must maintain their reserve. No Note from the Madagascar Envoys, commenting on the French Yellow Book, has been communicated to Her Majesty's Government.