HC Deb 31 October 1882 vol 274 cc463-4

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, How many warrants were issued under the late Coercion Act, how many persons were imprisoned, how many were re-arrested, what was the highest number arrested under any previous suspension of the Habeas Corpus and the date, how many persons were summoned under the Statute of Edward III., how many were imprisoned, how many of these were women, how many gave bail, and in how many cases were the bails estreated?


Sir, I cannot inform the hon. Member what was the number of warrants issued under the recent Act for the better protection of persons and property in Ireland; 987 persons were arrested under that Act, of whom 28 were arrested a second time. I am informed that 1,217 persons were arrested under the Habeas Corpus Suspension Act of 1866; but I do not know if that was the highest number reached under previous Acts. If the hon. Member will specify some period for which he wants the information with regard to the number of persons summoned under the Act of Edward III., I will endeavour to obtain it for him. It will necessarily be a work of considerable labour.