HC Deb 24 November 1882 vol 275 cc10-1

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether Mr. Grey, who has been recently engaged as Official Valuer in connection with the Land Commission in the County of Clare, is the same gentleman who, as Official Valuer acting with the county Dublin Sub-Commission, valued the farms of a number of tenants of Lord Talbot de Malahide at a higher figure than that fixed by the sworn Valuer for the landlord; and, whether he is the same gentleman whose valuation in a number of cases listed for trial at Edenderry caused the immediate withdrawal of those cases from Court; and, whether, if so, the Government intend to continue Mr. Grey in the position of Court or Official Valuer?


, in reply, said, that Mr. Grey, the official valuer now attached to the Clare Sub-Commission, was the same gentleman who was attached to the Dublin Sub-Commission. He valued the farms on the estate of Lord Talbot de Malahide, and he was the official valuer of the Sub-Commission who sat at Edenderry. The Land Commissioners had no official knowledge of the matter; but they informed him that they apprehended that any cases withdrawn from the Land Courts were so withdrawn before any valuations in those cases had been made by the official valuers. MR. Grey was changed to the County Clare Sub - Commission only because the Sub-Commission to which he was first attached was going to a locality with which he was connected.


asked, was this the same gentleman who was appointed by the Land Commissioners as one of the first of their official valuers?


said, he was not. Mr. Grey, the head of the official valuers, was a different person.