HC Deb 23 November 1882 vol 274 cc1905-6

asked the Lord Advocate, Whether his attention has been called to the diversity of the provisions for the constitution and punishment of Police offences in the Private Police Acts in force in the various towns in Scotland, the different powers of sanitary supervision and administration, and the different rules as to the levying of local assessments enacted under them; whether he contemplates, during next Session, the introduction of a general Police Bill for Scotland, laying down general principles on those and other points, and granting powers to be adopted by local authorities in whole or in part; and, if so, whether his intention will be made known to town councils and other local authorities in Scotland in time to prevent them incurring the expense of introducing Private Bills dealing with questions proposed to be dealt with in a general measure?


I am aware that there is much diversity in the provisions of the Private Police Acts in force in different towns in Scotland—a diversity which sometimes proves unsatisfactory. I hope to be able during next Session to introduce a general Police Bill for Scotland of the nature indicated in the Question, and before doing so I shall communicate with the local authorities referred to.


asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department, Whether he will take into consideration the recommendations of the Select Committee on Police and Sanitary Regulations of this Session; and, whether, in order to give effect to their Report, and to put a stop to the recent practice of altering the general Law of the three Kingdoms by unsystematic and anomalous provisions in Private Police Acts, he will, next Session, after conferring with the Local Government Board, either introduce a General Police and Sanitary Clauses Bill for the United Kingdom on the lines suggested by the honourable Member for Glasgow, or propose that such Standing Orders shall be adopted with regard to the introduction of Private Police Bills as will give effect to the same Report?


I am not quite sure that I understand the Question of my hon. and learned Friend. I imagine this matter was sufficiently dealt with by the Standing Order which, was passed and came into force on the 11th of August. If the hon. and learned Member wishes anything further in the matter, I shall be happy to communicate with him.