HC Deb 23 November 1882 vol 274 c1917

asked the Secretary of State for India, If the Government have received information showing that in 1880, certain officials in Madras, among whom were two Secretaries to the Government of Madras, the officiating Deputy Adjutant General Madras Army, and several heads of departments under the Madras Government, were promoters of a number of Gold Mining Companies with a capital of a million sterling; that these officials asked the sum of £245,000 as purchase money of a portion of one large block of land granted them free of price by Government; that in September 1880 these officials stood to receive in cash and shares from Mining Companies the following sums:—£55,000 from the Mysore Gold Mining Company; £50,000 from the Madras Gold Mining Company; £50,000 from the Ooregawm Gold Mining Company; £90,000 from the Colar Gold Mining Company; whether he authorised these proceedings; and, whether he will cause inquiries to be made into the amount and value of the lands belonging to the Native State of Mysore which were alienated by gift or purchase during the past seven years?


The India Office has not received any information to the effect indicated in this Question. I shall, however, cause inquiries to be made in India regarding the matters referred to by the hon. Member.